16-02-2021 Collected the bike today, together with a set bigger Haan wheels

and a longer swingarm to fit the larger backwheel.

17-02-2021 First a good cleaning

17/18-02-2021 Test fitting the larger swingarm and the bigger Haan wheels before taking the bike completely apart. Also replaced the bearings and bushings in the swingarm

01-03-2021 Today took the bike apart. And getting the
frame ready for sand-blasting and then get it painted -

11-03-2021 Cleaning up the plastic parts, the frontfender will be replaced
for an orange one.

12-03-2021 First order of new parts got in today.

14"- 17" Haan wheels

18-03-2021 Frame back from paint, got one layer of primer after sandblasting. Now of to the welder for some repair work

20-03-2021 Test fitting the engine after repairwork and welding on the frame, before sending it off to the painter for a nice black finish.

27-03-2021 Work on the silencer

05-04-2021 Frame painted black

07-04-2021 Frame back in the house, now we can start building the bike.

08-04-2021 Start rebuild

New axel for the swingarm/frame

New gashandle

April 13 - A few things left to do, clutch/carb./new seatcover/frameprotectors/stickers

Clutch repair

April 24 new frame protectors

April 26 Clutch repairwork is done

May 04 New cover on the seat, great job by Scartex Anna Paulowna Netherlands

May 05 First test on the road

May 07 Bike is ready, only thing left to do is the stickers